Square Footage: 8,000 | 4 bedroom, 3 bath | Bloomington, IN |  Douglas Fir |  Hybrid Timberframe

    completed photos (available upon completion!)

    production photos (more to come!)

Please check in for updated production photos and eventually completed project images!


​-The Beamery Team

    Bloomington Timberframe Residence 

2082 State Rd 45, Helmsburg, IN 47435 | 317.502.7906 | info@thebeamery.com

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    Project introduction

    design drawings


This beautiful home soon to be completed located in Bloomington, Indiana features old world  timber framing in the great room, kitchen, stair tower, and entry porch. The project is currently under construction and is set to be completed by the end of the year! Keep checking back for more photos.