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Custom Home Turnkey Construction

The Beamery can also provide complete, turnkey construction services thus allowing our clients a seamless progression in the building process from design to move in. With intimate knowledge of all aspects of the project design and extensive construction experience we can provide our clients with efficient and cost effective construction services. Additionally we can work with your local contractor to insure a quality project.

Custom Woodworking

The Beamery offers an array of additional fine woodworks to compliment and complete your home.  Our craftsmen can create stunning staircases, one of a kind furniture pieces and custom flooring and trim.  It is never too early to plan the finishing touches to your new home.


Timber Frame Fabrication and Raising

In our shop we proudly carry on a 2000 year old building tradition.  Using modern tools and techniques our craftsmen carefully join and fit timber to exacting standards and in doing so transform wood into a work of art which defines and enhances the living space.  We use sustainably harvested and reclaimed timber of varying species and we can provide a variety of surface finishes. We love the challenges of complex and unique structures and welcome the opportunity to include natural logs into our frames.  Additionally we offer frame raising services and most often the same craftsmen that cut the frame will be there to see it installed.

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Architectural Design

Our experienced designers meet with our clients throughout the early stages of design to develop a design that will achieve their dreams, meet their needs and stay within their budget. In these early stages we will create a 3D model and Renderings of the project which we will use to help you visualize the project.  Once a design is established we will create a set of construction drawings for the projects.   These drawings will be used to secure financing, get competitive bids from contractors and acquire necessary permits from local building departments.  Since all of our designs are custom we tailor our design services to each of our client’s needs.

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The Beamery L.L.C. is an established Indiana based company of inspired designers and talented craftsmen committed to creating the most beautiful, distinctive and energy efficient timber frame structures in the world. With each project we explore the natural beauty of the wood in an expressive and creative way using sustainable design and environmentally responsible practices.  We strive to fulfill our client’s dreams and to create an enduring heavy timber frame structure which will inspire generations to come.