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Once the timber frame is erected and all components are in place, the next step is to enclose the frame. Our preferred and most efficient method to so this is through the use of Structurally Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS). These panels comprised of sheathing and polystyrene foam are fabricated and attached directly to the frame creating the exterior walls of the home. All the electrical and plumbing chases are planned in advanced and strategically placed in the panels during fabrication so that when installed plumbers and electricians are able to run all the required wiring and plumbing components needed for the project.  These panels also provide a superior insulation R-Value.

Delivery and Installation

The Beamery provides full delivery and installation services for all of our products. We truck the all the components from our shop to the site where it is to be installed. Each of our frames are installed by the very same people who fabricated each of its components. We prefer this method because it allows our craftsman to see the project through from beginning to its completion. Who better to do the job than the people who know the frame the best. 

Test Fitting and Finishing

Once the appropriate joinery is cut for each particular wall or bent profile, the pieces go in for fitting. During this process, each piece is placed in its appropriate configuration and assembled to ensure that each joint is a tight fit and has been cut correctly. Once this step is complete the pieces are disassembled and moved down the line to be finished with the stains and or sealants picked out by the owner of the project. The Beamery strives to give its clients a frame that is uniquely their own designed to their individual specifications.

Layout and Joinery Fabrication

After material is milled and surfaced it is moved into our shop where are skilled craftsman layout all the pieces to be cut. As a hand-cut shop we layout and cut all the required joinery by hand. We utilize all the traditional joinery details such as mortise and tenon as shown on the image to right, but if the job calls for more intricate and elaborate joints we will always jump on the opportunity.

Reclaimed Timber

If your project is looking for a flare of unique character you may be interested in reclaimed material. Reclaimed material usually comes from old barns, warehouses, and other structures built before the 1900's that have been demolished. Instead of going into a landfill, companies buy this material to be repurposed into other products. What gives this repurposed lumber unique quality is its historic stamping of its past with holes, notches, and other imperfections that newly harvest lumber does not promote. We have created many timber frames, plank flooring, structural decking, and even furniture using reclaimed lumber. 

New Timber

Our freshly cut timber is sourced from only sustainably managed forests. We commonly use Douglas Fir and Cypress for our frames but also produce products with a variety of other wood species. Each species is unique in character from its beautiful grain patterns to its natural aging and drying behavior. 

White Oak


Red Oak

Tulip Poplar


Heart Pine


    sustainable materials

Sustainable Mindset

Our company sources only environmentally friendly, sustainably harvested materials. There are large variety of wood species available each with a unique look and character. The Beamery offers a variety of wood species both in newly harvested timber or even reclaimed / repurposed timber from strucutures that have stood for hundreds of years. Our streamline fabrication process can produce a timber frame that is unique to each client. Whether your seaking smooth and contemporary or rough sawn and rustic, our designers will guide you through the process of choosing the timber and surfacing specification that fits your unique project.

Beams and Trusses

If your project is looking for a flare of unique character on a minimal budget, adding beams and trusses to a room could be the answer. We can fabricate individual frames and trusses that can be added to your existing space to give a decor that speaks for itself.

Full Timber Frames

Over the years, The Beamery has constructed many timberframe homes of varying size and arrangement. Full timber frames provide not only the look but the complete support system for the structure rather than relying on conventional framing. Being able to span large distances allow for large open spaces and tall vaulted ceilings that you can not always provide with conventional framing. Not only is this way of building unique and an ancient art of construction craft, there are efficiencies to choosing heavy timber over the common buidling methods today including less environmental impact with lower material usage, little to no construction waste as well as the opportunities for higher energy efficiencies.

Hybrid Frames

Partial timber frame structures, or what we refer to as a Hybrid Frame, allow for clients to add a unique warmth to the design of the project by selectively adding timber framing to a conventional structure. This blend of standard building practices and timber framing can provide the appearance of a full timber frame while relying on other structural walls for support rather than using timber posts. Most hybrids utilize heavy timber framing for the roof structure using trusses giving spaces large vaulted ceilings and a unique character.

    Timber Framing there is nothing we can't do

As a company that specializes in Heavy Timber Construction, the art of timber framing is our niche. With our experienced designers and craftsman, The Beamery can produce any custom hand crafted frame that meets any design specification. We pride ourselves for our ability to take on even the most challenging projects that most companies would turn down. 

    Timber Frame Fabrication 

Milling and Surfacing

The beginning of the fabrication process starts with milling and surfacing the timbers to the desired sizing required for the job. While much of timber arrives from our timber mills sized to our specifications, many of our jobs require the re-sawing of material especially with reclaimed timber. We have equipment that allows us to mill timber at our shop to any specification needed for the job. We also can plane the material so that each timber has a smooth finish.

Douglas Fir