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Interested in hardwood flooring or custom trim?

Check out The Beamery's molder in action that we use in the production of our flooring and custom trim work! The flooring shown in production is reclaimed heart  pine.

Over the years The Beamery has crafted many custom timber staircases such as the one in the image to the right or hybrid stair cases comprised of steel stringers and wood treads for a more contemporary style. These beautiful pieces of art add to the decor and fully complement the style of a timber frame home. 

   Hardwood flooring and decking

    custom trim and Moldings

    Stair systems

The Beamery can manufacture roof decking and hardwood flooring to complement your new timberframe home. We specialize in reclaimed flooring and decking. We are pleased to also partner with a flooring manufacturer that creates outstanding hardwood and engineered flooring products. 

Our Timber Craftsman can produce a one of kind furniture piece that complements any design. From indoor furniture to outdoor picnic tables, there is nothing we can not produce to fit your needs. Whether these pieces are complementing one of our timber frame structures or adding to your current decor, these uniquely inspired wood crafts are sure to make a statement.

One of the products we can offer are custom trim and molding packages for your timber frame designed to your desired species and style. 

    custom furniture

    Custom Woodworking

The Beamery has gradually been developing other products and services that complement our timber frames crafts. Tables, flooring, custom trim and moldings, and other unique craft projects are just some of the examples of what we can provide our clients. We can create just about anything in any style or wood species that you desire.