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Community structures, picnic tables, furniture, reclaimed flooring, and custom trim are just a few items that can be found on this page. The Beamery offers many unique and innovative products.

Our commerical work portfolio offers a variety of projects from barns, to store fronts, to public buildings. We have done work around the state. Maybe you will recognize a few of these projects.

This gallery exhibits examples of completed residential work including examples of turnkey construction, full and hybrid timber frames, and small projects such as porches and accent pieces like trusses, braces, and corbels.

We have completed numerous commercial projects each very unique and very different in size and function.

The Beamery has produced many community structures such as pavilions and bridges. We also have examples of other woodworking projects.

additional work

commercial Work

The Beamery has many examples of residential projects that have been completed over the years of varying size and complexity. 

residential Work