Mark bringings more than 10 years of experience to The Beamery Team working in bathroom and kitchen remodels and more than 15 years in the solid surface counter top industry. His attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship fits perfectly with the art of the timber frame craft. Mark takes great pride in working on our unique projects and values the opportunity  to embrace the history and craft of an age old tradition.


Mark Long

Timberframe Craftsman

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Annette Hardin works as the Beamery's technology and financial manager. Her primary role is to insure that our computer systems and other system technology is current and running at the highest efficiency. She also plays a large part in keeping our finances in check and keeping books up to date.

Annette Hardin

Technology and Finance Management

Joe works as a craftsman in our shop milling and fabricating the timber for our projects. Joe performs any and all work necessary to insure that our projects are done on schedule and with the finest quality.  He also is a valuable asset on job sites erecting the timber frames.


Joe McGlothlin

Timberframe Craftsman

David is the Beamery's lead craftsman and has the most experience with timber frame fabrication. He is charge of laying out all the joinery details and cuts for every piece of the timber frame and guides the other craftsman through the process of cutting all the joints and test fitting the frame before it moves on to finishing. 

David Maddox

Lead Timberframe Craftsman

Rob started working for the company when he was in college. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education and working in the school system, he realized timber framing and working with his hands is what he loves. Now he is back with us and oversees the production of all our timber frames from milling to finishing and installation insuring that the frames meet the highest quality standards and client specifications. Rob is also hands on with every project aiding in design, shop milling and finishing, and site management to keep jobs on schedule. 

Rob Blair

Project Manager

David has been in the construction industry much of his life. His father built homes for nearly fifty years and after college David followed in his father’s footsteps.  In 1990 he worked for a small timber framing company and fell in love with this ancient craft's history, craftsmanship, and permanence in structure. He has worked in every facet of the timber frame industry but it is the creative design end of the building process that gives him the most satisfaction.  He continues to be inspired by the creativity of his fellow designer and the craftsmen in the shop.
Owner and lead architect, David Watters, has been interested in timber frame construction since childhood. When he was eight years old, his mother bought him a book on barns. Mr. Watters was enthralled by the timber structure systems of these rustic barns and this influenced him to become an architect.He continued to pursue his dream of becoming an architect throughout childhood.When it came time to graduate college, he focused his architectural thesis project on a timber-constructed museum.

David Sheidler

Design Manager

David Watters

Owner of The Beamery, LLC.

     Meet The team 

Our team is the backbone of our company with designers, engineers, fabrication coordinators, and of course our skilled craftsman who all work together to produce quality work for which all of us take great pride in providing for our customers. At the Beamery we stress the importance of having a good team because without this there is no business. We value the fact that we never have to ask our employees to show up for work. Our dedicated team shows up because we all enjoy the work that we do everyday. Feel free to stop by and see us for yourself!  -David Watters