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Structural Timber Frames, Trusses, Timber Accents

The Beamery can incorporate timber elements into any project whether it be a full structural frame or simple accent pieces on the interior or exterior. We value the ability to make timber work as a part of the design. Trusses and beams can be incorporated into specific rooms to give the space a unique appearance and can be both load bearing or aesthetic in function.  We can also provide full insulation services for our frame .

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Timber Frame Enclosure

Depending on the project and its specific design needs, we can provide enclosure elements for the frame such as insulated wall panel systems and tongue and groove roof decking materials. We can install these components directly over the timberframe components once they have been set in place. Other tongue and groove materials for ceilings and walls can be provided as well a hardwood flooring materials.


We offer a full range of design services in both commercial and residential architecture. Our experienced design team can produce custom drawings to meet your needs. We can provide conceptual design drawings, complete sets of construction documents, as well as perform site visits to better understand the project and insure accuracy in our product. We are there to offer services and expertise to strengthen the project and help your team finish on schedule. We can offer also offer ways to make the design more energy efficient with high R-value rated panel wall systems.

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The Beamery is a well-established architectural company committed to creating some of the most aesthetically beautiful, distinctive and energy efficient timber frame structures in the world. We take pride in highlighting the natural beauty of the wood in an expressive and creative manner that will last for generations to come. We provide our clients with a superior quality product in a timely manner.  We offer our clients an enduring timber frame structure that illustrates a meticulous attention to detail at an exceptional value.