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    How we help you!

We are Design:Build

One of the most unique aspects of our company is that we offer an all inclusive design and build package. Our products go from the drafting board to the mill all on the same property. This allows us to work closely, efficiently, and accurately on all our projects. We will build a close relationship with each project and its designers and will see the project through its installation on site. 

What else can we offer?

The Beamery has a variety of products and services that it can offer any project. We can provide structural decking for a more historic floor or ceiling, flooring from freshly cut or reclaimed wood products, custom trim and mouldings, structural enclosure systems, even furniture and custom craft design elements. You name it we will build it!


Design Drawings and Construction Documents

Our design team can provide a series of design drawings, renderings, and construction documents as needed for the project. If desired, we can offer firms full construction drawings that can be placed into the firms template. which helps share the work load of the project.  We work to insure that our drawings meet the highest standards both in presentation and information.

Architectural Design


As fellow design professionals we understand the importance of design concept. Therefore, we meet with you to discuss the "big idea" of the project to develop a better understanding of the design. The earlier we are involved in the project the better. Remember that no project is to big or too small and complexity is no issue. A common misunderstanding of timber frames is that they have to be symmetrical or rigid in form. This is not the case and in fact we have several projects that are very organic in nature. 

    architects and design professionals

The design team at The Beamery collaborates with architects, designers, and builders on multiple occassions who are looking to add heavy timber products into the design of the home, business, or structure. We want to help you make your design goals possible! Therefore, we will work with your company to design a timber frame product that fits the needs of the design. Collaboration on projects early in the design process allows us to make suggestions based on our experience in order to make your project a success!