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Square Footage: 4,200  | Springfield, VA |  Hybrid Timber Frame  |  Douglas Fir


Modern Flare 

2082 State Rd 45, Helmsburg, IN 47435 | 317.502.7906 |

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The Architect/Homeowner for this project came to us originally to have us cut a series of identical trusses for his new home in Virginia. We designed a modern take on a Queen Post truss with exposed steel plates and steel rod. As the project progressed and the client saw the practicality, economy, and beauty of a timber frame the project morphed into a very large, full blown timber frame (still utilizing the "Queen Post" trusses). The frame reflects the sleek modern style of the home which includes clean sharp lines, industrial ceiling fans, and a full glass roll-up "garage door" which opens up the dining room onto the deck. We are just completing the frame design and should be cutting the frame in the near future.